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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Family Life Society. Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to accept new volunteers.  However, follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and website for updates on our future volunteer recruitment exercises. In the meantime, please stay safe and well!

PCS Volunteer - Pro-Need Befriender and supporter of girls/women in a pregnancy crisis

Pregnancy Crisis & Support aims to journey with and support women and their families with unplanned pregnancies. As a Befriender, you will be a blessing to these women and their unborn baby during these uncertain and difficult moments.

As a Befriender, you have the opportunity to positively impact lives and relationships. You provide a listening ear and work through their emotions and provide support. To help them not feel alone during this challenge and at times dilemma.

Pregnancy Crisis & Support has a variety of areas for volunteering (Befriending):

– PCS (24 HR) crisis hotline call duty during and after office hours

– Engage clients during the face-to-face interaction

– Be involved in the outreach and publicity to help bring awareness of PCS

– Be part of PCS Before and After Care team to support and befriend women in their journey pre and post deliveryoffer parenting tips and provide baby essentials and nutrition for the mothers. 

– Assist with research and compiling statistics

– Volunteer movement and planning out the volunteer roster 

Join our team to help spread the importance of life and giving hope.


As a Befriender to journey with these girls/ women, we welcome those with these attributes:-

1. Female 23 years and above who is emotionally mature and believes in the dignity of human life with a strong desire to help girls/ women with unplanned pregnancy

2. Ability to show genuine concern and provide a listening ear without judgement

3. Able to dedicate at least 4 hours per week and one overnight a month (subject to dates available on roster), to volunteer on the 24/7 crisis hotline

4. Able to commit to once a month for training and/or clinical supervision, support adhoc outreach and publicity activities and attend yearly retreat

5. Ready to volunteer for at least 2 years upon completion of volunteer training

6. Willing to be part of a sub-comm to promote and support the work of PCS

Para-counselling Volunteer

How will I make a difference?

Journey with and support those in need.  By providing a listening ear when they are  facing challenges in life, including loneliness, helplessness , sadness, depression, relationship challenges and numerous other issues.  Restore their dignity and the belief in self.

What programs / service can I be involved in?

Serve as a Para Counsellor in various centres.  A community of well trained individuals who commit time to reaching out.


1. Passion to work with people and a desire to make a difference to those in need

2. Possess a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Counselling

3. Ability to show genuine concern and provide a listening ear without judgement.

4. A good team player

5. Able to dedicate at least 3 hours per week for counselling duty

6. Able to commit to once a month for clinical supervision, support adhoc publicity activities, quarterly training and a yearly retreat.

7. To volunteer for a duration of two years upon completion of volunteer training.

Facilitators and Presenters for our Education Programs

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to positively impact kids and parents. The Education Department has multiple programmes for kids and parents including our signature programmes: I am Made for More (15-18 years) and My Child is Made for More (parents with children aged 8-18). We teach value-based sexuality education. Some of our other programmes are: Bulletproof Friendships (11-12 years), Happy in My Skin (13-14 years). Make a difference – equip kids and parents with value-based education, especially with the sexuality issues in our modern society. Join us to help spread the word about sexual honesty, dignity, respect and authentic freedom!


As a facilitator of our ‘I am Made for More’ Programmes (and other ancillary sexuality related events/programmes), we welcome those who possess the following qualities:

1. A person of integrity and maturity. As facilitating a group session on sexuality may involve personal sharing, it is incumbent on the facilitator to honour and respect the confidentiality of an individuals’ sharing.

2. Being comfortable speaking about sex and sexuality matters to teenagers (esp those between 16-19 years old)

3. Good presentation, communication and organisational skills.

4. Have actively worked with teenagers and possess the capacity to engage and communicate with teenagers effectively.

5. Current or Ex Teachers/Youth and Social Workers/Psychologists/Youth Trainers/Parents who strongly believe in sexuality education as a primary responsibility of every parent are most welcome to apply.

What is the volunteer application process like and how do I apply?

You may fill in the volunteer application form online below or send it to [email protected]

Shortlisted candidates will then progress to a face-to-face interview to assess their suitability for the volunteer training programme.

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