Pregnancy Crisis & Support

If you are faced with an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy, you do have support and you do have options. Talk to us.

Pregnancy Crisis & Support (PCS) is a service under Family Life Society that supports girls and women facing unplanned and unsupported pregnancies. Our 24/7 crisis hotline 63399770, manned by trained befrienders, serves everyone regardless of race and religion. We respect and honour the dignity of human life and commit to provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment for you to make informed choices.

Let us help you find clarity during such moment of crisis.

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Rachel’s Vineyard retreat provides emotional healing, if you are faced with pain of abortion

Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat is a beautiful opportunity for anyone who has struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion, to help you find healing and courage in your recovery journey.  This weekend retreat is a time away for reflection to enter deeply into the grieving process to identify all the ways your abortion may have affected you. This experience will help you find the courage to transform the pain of the past, into one of love and hope. It will allow you to confidently journey towards healing with the support of others who sincerely care about you.

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