How to grow in love? 4th SAFE virtue of Endurance to strengthen marriages.

In 1947, De Beers created their slogan ‘A diamond is forever’ and captured the imagination of couples in love. Formed under intense pressure and heat, diamonds, being the hardest existing stone, symbolize endurance, patience, perseverance and everlasting love.

Perhaps we can say that our marriage can transform us to diamonds! Indeed, staying and growing in love for each other requires huge doses of endurance. We practice perseverance and patience when obstacles arise, open to the lessons they bring. Endurance hones our character and strengthens our commitment. Just like an athlete training for the marathon, his endurance of long hours of training, muscle pain and fatigue builds perseverance, will power and commitment to his goal. Weathering the inevitable challenges, conflicts and differences in our marriage builds trust and loyalty, making our love stronger. Covid-19 pandemic is just one of the many challenges that will arise in our marital journey, it may be an unprecedented time of togetherness or a time of uncertainty – it is up to us to grasp this as an opportunity to transform ourselves into diamonds for eternity.

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