The MOE announced this past week: “Citizens to get absolute priority in P1 registration balloting” (Mar 25, 2012). This must spell good news for many parents.

According to most parents, a child’s success starts with a good education. Being well paid, well supplied, well known and well received are the standard characteristics of a successful life. While all these aspects do affect a child’s life, there is a real need to redefine “success” for our child and for ourselves. Our child’s future is not solely dependent on which primary school they get enrolled into.

Let’s rethink the purpose of formal schooling. A solid character is as important as academic success. In the pursuit of success, our children may miss out on achieving true greatness. They may never get to experience the significance of their life. The successful come, achieve, and then leave. The truly great touch people’s lives in such a way that their impact lasts forever.

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