If you want your child to grow up to be responsible and independent adults, educating them on making the right decisions and choices is essential. There are several ways to go about achieving this:

Create Structure and Routine for the Children
The most basic things such as watching television, taking a bath, having dinner, doing homework and sleeping should be made into a fixed routine. In this way, they can be sure of what is expected of them, and they will feel safe not having to depend on you to find out what to do.

What Are The Implementation Steps?
Keep in mind the age of your child as you allow them to make their own choices. Children at different stages in life adapt differently; giving too many choices at the wrong time might lead to indecisiveness or greed.

 Increase Positive Motivation
Parents should be more ready with words of encouragement, focusing on their effort in trying, even if the children have failed in tasks as this would motivate them to continue in their efforts.

 Create Logical Consquences
Let them know that misbehaviour has its logical consequences. For instance, “You have been playing the computer for more than three hours a day, so you cannot play for a week.”

Demonstrate Fairness to Everyone
Be a positive role model by being fair to everyone. The child will mirror your actions and learn to give and take.


Written by Ms. Irene Chua, Senior Counsellor, Marine Parade FSC

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