WHEN Joshua and I got married in May 2007, having a child was the last thing on our minds. We were more eager to dive into life as a couple, and do all sorts of fun things like exploring the world whenever we desired. We thought that having a child would be such an inconvenience.

Well, we thought wrong. When we finally set our minds on starting a family and baby Titus came along in 2014, we were probably the happiest we’d ever been all our life. In fact, we wondered what took us so long to do this.

It is not easy being parents – new parents especially – so doing everything together makes the journey a lot easier and a whole lot more fun too. We found joy in talking to him and telling him stories, even when he was a mere month-old bub and could not understand what we were saying. We found delight in even the filthiest of chores – changing his diapers and wiping spit-ups off his body (and ours too!).

While we once believed that baby would hinder our fun plans, now we want our baby to feature in every activity we plan on doing.

Sure, all is not rosy. The lack of sleep is our biggest challenge. And this is where working together is so important. I take care of the night feeds, allowing Joshua to sleep well through the night. And when baby is done sleeping by 6am, Joshua takes over, allowing me another hour of sleep before rising to prepare for work. During weekends, Joshua treats me to longer hours in bed by taking charge of Titus from dawn till noon. I’ve got the best partner in the world!

Titus is five months old today and our journey so far has been delightful. Our biggest wish is for Titus to see and feel the immense amount of love around him, so he would grow up to be a joyful child and
adult, and pass that love on to people around him.

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