My Child is Made for More (for Parents)

Family Life Society’s latest programme is My Child is Made For More – is to equip parents with children in all age groups with the what and the how of a Sex Ed Talk to their children.
About My Child Is Made For More

My Child Is Made For More is for all parents with children preferably in their teens/upper primary. It will address issues primarily on sexuality, sex, relationships and choices. The approach is not to delve on the consequences of having premarital or casual sex (which is what most SexEd programmes are already doing); it is a programme that will bring out the alternative truths on the concepts of freedom, the human body and its sexuality with its four themes: 1) My Body Is Me, 2) My Body Communicates, 3) My Friendship Is Personal and 4) My Decisions Make Me.

Each theme is conducted in two hours of sharing/presentation of truth, video, small group discussions, hands-on activities, points to ponder, how-tos’ and personal take-aways.

Parents would have an opportunity to reflect and educate themselves about the emotional and social dimensions of sexuality and decide on the type of behaviour that would encourage love, respect and responsibility which they could use for themselves and share with their own children/teens or youth.
Our programme can be illustrated by this tree:


Rationale of My Child Is Made For More

An effective sexuality education and understanding would prove to be doubly successful when parents are informed and involved.

  1. Human sexuality and the issues surrounding it may be a sensitive topic for discussion for most parents. This programme aims to help parents develop healthy attitudes about sex in their children by going back to the roots using the universal truths proposed by My Child Is Made For More, and not to resort in instilling fear when guiding children in making good decisions about sexuality.
  2. As parents it is important to engage children in a discussion about today’s mentality that– the human body is just a mere object or instrument which leads them to say that “it is only sex, nothing personal” as opposed to the truth that the human body forms an integral part of the human person.

    – freedom is understood to mean freedom of choice which leads them to say that “we should be free to do what we want as long as no one gets hurt” rather than the freedom to shape one’s character and personhood in a lifelong series of decisions.

  3. Even though sexuality is being taught in schools with MOE-HPB curriculum there is still evidence that our young people are unsure and some may have had their first sexual encounters at a younger age with a concomitant rise in STDs, HIV infection and teenage pregnancies. The programme like My Child Is Made For More can support MOE-HPB in its advocacy for abstinence or more appropriately put forth as chastity in our Made for More programme.

What can You as a Parent benefit from this

You can engage your child in an open and honest discussion about human sexuality with the truths learned from the programme. You will be equipped with the knowledge on how your child can form a healthy attitude about sexuality—forming strong self-worth, steady relationships and strong family unit in the future.

Format of the Programme

The whole programme is comprised of 5 sessions = four themes + parent child communication. The programme progresses from one theme to another where the key concepts of the subsequent theme is related to the previous themes. It is highly advisable to sit in all the sessions to have the optimum experience of the programme.

The Four Themes of Made for More
Each theme is about 2 hours that takes the participants to watching a short video, small group discussion, proposal of truths, hands-on activities, pre-post survey of beliefs and personal take-aways.


The Parent-Child Communication

The Parent-Child Communication will be explored in a 2-hour session that comprises of tuning-in activity, voices of youth, Q & A with the youth and role play scenarios to equip parents with what to say and how to say it components.


MFM proposes a three-prong approach in parent-child communication: TLC

     T-MFM Truths,
     L-unconditional Love and
C-Communication skills


If you are interested to find out more about this programme or keen to organise one for your organisation or a group of parents or teen of at size 15 people, give us a call at 64880278.