FLS Milestones

Year Description
1980s Family Life Bureau is founded by Fr. Edmund Dunne an Australian missionary priest, and a dedicated group of laypeople.
1983 Launch of the “Celebration of Life” (COL) programme.
  1. Family Life Bureau is registered under the Society Acts of Singapore as Family Life Society (FLS) and is a non-profit charity.
  2. Affiliates such as Marriage Encounter (ME), CHOICE, Marriage Preparation Course (MPC), Retrouvaille, HOPE, Engaged Encounter (EE), Natural Family Planning (NFP), and Beginning Experience (BE), and Couples for Christ (CFC) fall under the FLS umbrella.
1986-1987 Pregnancy Crisis Hotline is launched.
1995 FLS celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
1998 Catholic Legal Aid is launched and legal advice is provided free of charge by a group of lawyers.
1999 Youth Life-line is launched to provide a crisis hotline for youth in distress.
  1. Fr Ambrose Vaz is appointed President.
  2. Introduction of the fortnightly feature article in Catholic News entitled “The Family Lifeline” and monthly e-Newsletter.
2003 FLS hosts the 10th Human Life International Asia-Pacific Congress (HLI ASPAC) in Singapore from 6 to 9 November at RELC.
  1. Msgr. Eugene Vaz is appointed President.
  2. FLS Education is appointed Service Provider under MCYS School Family Education (SFE) Programme
  3. Two fund raising activities:
  • A movie premiere of “The Passion of Christ” at Cathay Organization Orchard Cineplex, and
  • “Down Memory Lane 3” at Suntec Convention Centre.
  1. PCS is supported by National Helpline set up by MCYS to help pregnant mothers facing crisis pregnancies.
  2. 7 October (Feast Day of our Lady of the Rosary), our founder Fr Edmund Dunne, C.S.S.R., passed away.
  3. Set up the School Family Education Programme to provide holistic talks and workshops for parents as well as staff and students to enhance family life, boost parenting skills and equip our youths with valuable life skills.
  4. 7. Joined four related agencies in February to operate a 24-hour pregnancy crisis national agency helpline.
  1. Fr. Charles Sim, S.J. is appointed President.
  2. FLS launches the one year counselling course to train  lay counsellors to provide night counselling in some of the parishes.
  3. Initiated free counselling services in April for pregnant women who visited KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital with the intention of terminating their pregnancies.
  1. Couple Empowerment Programme is launched. This programme is intended for couples in their first 5 years of marriage.
  2. School Family Education programmes designed for parents to understand teenage sexuality and equip them with skills to handle this subject with their children were started at the end of the year.
  3. First batch of para-counsellors graduated in December. Launched a one-year Basic Counselling Course to train a pool of para-counsellors, who will be deployed to various parishes in Singapore, to engage those in need of help at the grassroots level.
2007 In collaboration with the Catholic Research Centre of Singapore, FLS conducted the first ever comprehensive Census of the Catholic population in August. The second batch of para-counsellors graduated in June.
2008 FLS initiates and plans the first ever regional “Family Symposium” involving 7 other Family Commissions within the Southeast Asia region.
  1. Bernard Yu is appointed President.
  2. Pregnancy Crisis Service opens a shelter for woman and teens faced with unexpected pregnancies.
  3. First batch of Para Counsellors graduate with a Certificate and Diploma in Counselling in collaboration with Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM) of the Ateneo de Manila University.
  4. FLS launches Fan Page on Facebook.
  5. Parenting Congress organized by Family Life Society was held on 26 September at Temasek Junior College. Jessica Long, an in-demand clinical psychologist was the guest speaker at this congress.
  1. Dr John Lim is appointed President.
  2. FLS celebrates its 25th Anniversary.
  3. The Parenting United alliance consisting of 4 non-profit organizations with similar values in family life is formed. They are Marine Parade FSC, Centre of Fathering, Focus on the Family and Family Life Society.
  4. Rachel’s Vineyard launches its first retreat.
  1. Pregnancy Crisis Service (PCS) was restructured and reopened.
  2. FLS’ sexuality programme, titled “Growing Up & Respect for Self” which the MOE approved, was developed for upper primary and lower secondary students.
  1. A sexuality programme called “Made for More” which targeted at the youths was developed.
  2. The counselling arm of FLS was renamed as ‘Marital and Family Therapy’
  3. LoveLife programmes for youths, parents and families were established.
  1. Launch of Effective Parenting Series, designed to help parents optimize a child’s early development.
  2. Family and Marital Counselling sessions conducted once every month on a Saturday, from 9am – 1pm effective 5 January 2013.
  3. AllAlloy Dynaweld Pte Ltd raised $40,000 in aid of PCS mission in saving the unborn.
  4. A new parish is added to the list of parishes offering para-counselling making a total of 8 locations.
  1. FLS celebrated its 29th Anniversary cum Volunteers Appreciation Dinner in Feb.
  2. FLS hosted a Scream-free parenting talk at CAEC in August.
  3. Three additional support associate therapists were recruited to support increasing volume of people/families seeking counselling.
  4. Counselling at parishes has increased from 7 to now 10 parishes island-wide.
  5. First fundraising Flag Day event for Pregnancy Crisis Service was held in August.
  6. The second Effective Parenting forum took place in November on the topic of – “What you can do to help your child in their Primary years”.
  7. Joyful Parenting held a joint workshop with HPB in December.
2015 1. FLS under the initiative of Education and Outreach Department conducted parenting talks

  • Colours of the Mind in partnership with W3ave Pte Ltd on 31 January  attended by about 30 parents.
  • Virtues Project in partnership with Virtues Project International on 17, 18 and 19 August 2015 attended by 34 parents.
  • Effective Parenting Forum: Do Fathers Know Best? on 26 September 2015 attended by 68 parents.
  1. FLS celebrated its 30th Anniversary at Serangoon Gardens Country Club on 6 March with over 150 volunteers, guests, donors and our patron, Archbishop William Goh officiate the reception.
  2. I AM Made For More – A sexuality education programme was officially rolled out second quarter of 2015. It has since conducted 32 sessions to about 600 youth participants from various groups like AG Homes, St George’s Homes, Pertapis, HopeHouse, Temasek Poly, Christ The King and St Anne’s Parishes, etc.
  3. Para-counselling now stands a team of 61 counsellors (13 hotline members, 48 counsellors) providing free individual and marital counselling to 10 parishes in the community.
  4. FLS’ counselling team consists of 6 therapists provide counselling at Highland Road and Agape Village from Monday Friday (9am to 6pm) and Saturday morning (counselling by appointment) from 9 am to 1pm.
  5. Recruitment and training of para counsellors yearly (maximum of 10 para- counsellors per year).
  6. Partner with Agape Village on 1 October 201 – Counselling team and pregnancy crisis.
  7. Start a 12 part DVD-based programme (Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide) for the separated and divorced from 14 October 2015 to 27 January 2016.